Aluminium Drain Testing Plugs / Expanding Bungs

Aluminium Drain Testing Plugs / Expanding Bungs Manufacturers in Chennai

Horiaki is the leading Aluminium Drain Testing Plugs/ Expanding Bungs manufacturer in Chennai.

To ensure that every product in our line complies with the criteria of international management systems, we put it through rigorous quality control inspections. Consider using our name when looking to purchase high-quality products in any quantity. We guarantee safe and timely deliveries. According to specifications, center locking drain test plugs consisting of steel and aluminum plates, steel wing nuts, and brass blanking caps must be produced.

We are known as Aluminium Drain Testing Plugs Manufacturer & Supplier in Chennai

What are the Applications of this product? We have been the primary Aluminium Drain Testing Plugs/ Expanding Bungs supplier in Chennai.

Aluminum Pipe Plugs have historically been used for basic low-pressure air or water testing of the sewer or water pipes and maintenance in groundworks. They are increasingly being used for applications in the offshore industry. They are suitable for low-pressure testing or temporary closure.

In the offshore sector, topside uses include:

  • temporary gasoline pipe sealing while performing hot tasks
  • routine maintenance
  • Finding subsea uses for diving contractors

Aluminium Drain Testing Plugs Manufacturer in Chennai

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