Control Arm Bushing

Control Arm Bushing Manufacturers in Chennai

Control arm bushings are crucial for handling and comfort when driving. They soften the ride over bumps and cushion the suspension system, reducing noise and vibration. While remaining firm and capable of reverting to their initial shape and location, bushings can bend and shift. Wheel shimmy, which can result from worn bushings or ball joints, can rumble the steering wheel. Acceleration may cause an increase in vibrations, which may then decrease as speed increases. Dry ball joints typically have significantly higher friction levels, making steering stickier or more challenging. Horiaki is the leading control arm bushings manufacturer in Chennai.

The control arm bushings can also be visually inspected for damage such as cracks, splits, tears, missing pieces, and oil saturation. See your mechanic as soon as possible if you notice any changes in how the vehicle handles, feels, or looks. The ideal time to inspect control arms, bushings, and ball joints is during routine oil changes. To ensure we complete the task correctly, our skilled mechanics employ the most up-to-date diagnostic tools and premium automotive components. We are a prominent control arm bushings supplier in Chennai.

Control Arm Bushing Manufacturer in Chennai

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