EPDM O Rings

EPDM O Rings Manufacturers in Chennai

Horiaki India Private Limited is one of the leading EPDM O Rings Manufacturers in Chennai. A series of synthetic elastomers with lower-cost steam and chemical resistance, Horiaki EPDM o-rings, or ethylene propylene o-rings, are best suited for applications requiring solvents, acids, and other mild chemicals. Perfluoroelastomer from o-rings is proudly offered as a part of our extensive line of Rubber Moulded products. This material can withstand almost all chemical classes and is thus perfect for use as a sealant in a variety of chemical industrial processes.

As a top EPDM O Rings Manufacturer in Tamil Nadu, we provide top-notch EPDM O Ring Seals, extensively utilized as an effective, economical sealing component for many applications. Regarding the design, we provide conventional sizes comparable to standards like Parker O rings, AS586, and ISO 3601, as well as bespoke specifications. In our manufacturing unit, all kinds of EPDM O-Ring Seals are produced, and hence they are suppliers across the globe. We are a notable NBR O Rings Manufacturers in Chennai

Being a noted EPDM O Rings Exporters and Suppliers in India, You can call to have a direct conversation with our experts to discuss things further. EPDM o-rings, or ethylene propylene o-rings, are a family of synthetic elastomers with lower cost steam and chemical resistance, particularly for applications involving solvents, acids and other mild chemicals.

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