Individual Polyurethane Body Mounts

Individual Polyurethane Body Mounts Manufacturers in tarragona

Performance suspension bushings are best made of polyurethane. Don't get us wrong; rubber suspension bushings are a tried-and-true compromise. Still, in a performance environment, more horsepower, plus-sized tires, all of these factors combine with ambient air pressure and under-car filth to stress rubber bushings past their design limits. Without the roughness or resonance associated with solid metal suspension bushings, polyurethane bushings are strong enough to restrict movement and maintain alignment in sway bars, control arms, and other stressed suspension components. You won't want to switch back to rubber bushings once you've experienced the precise steering, road input, and extra firmness that polyurethane bushings provide. Horiaki is the primary individual polyurethane body mount manufacturer in tarragona.


To satisfy our clients' exacting demands, we've spent a lot of money developing product lines for both domestic and imported automobiles throughout the years. We specialize in hard-to-find parts as well as essential service and maintenance components. The vast majority of the products we sell are produced in our factory. To meet the demands of all of our clients, we also stock a large number of aftermarket components. With time we have emerged as a brand name for individual polyurethane body mounts supplier in tarragona.

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