Sway Bar Bushings

Sway Bar Bushings Manufacturers in tarragona

The driver and passenger side suspensions are connected by a long metal rod called the sway bar (stabilizer bar), which helps to keep both sides of the vehicle more level when turning. The ends of the sway bar are connected to the suspension on the driver's and passenger's sides by sway bar links (end links). The sway bar's pivot point and the component that secures it to the car's frame are called sway bar bushings. Driving can be hazardous if your sway bar bushings or links are broken or even missing because they help to reduce body roll, which causes your car to tilt less to the outside when you turn. For safety reasons and to improve turning performance, the sway bar must be linked firmly.

Horiaki has been manufacturing these products for quite a few years. We are a notable sway bar bushings manufacturer in tarragona. A simple DIY project that can significantly impact how your car handles corners is replacing the sway bar bushings and end links. Polyurethane sway bar bushings are an easy change from the factory rubber bushings if you're seeking an even more notable reduction in body roll. If you need to replace your sway bar bushings, here are several brands

Sway Bar Bushings Manufacturer in tarragona

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