Multi Lock/Peripheral Steel Test Plug

Multi Lock/Peripheral Steel Test Plug Manufacturers in tarragona

Horiaki is the leading Multi Lock Peripheral Steel Test Plug manufacturer in tarragona.

These steel plug types come in various diameters, including sizes from 17 to 96" that are not covered by aluminum plugs (432 to 2400 mm). A single port series and a double port variant are produced for them. The plates may be quickly closed evenly and even sealed in pipes with a minor out-of-roundness or ovality thanks to peripheral sealing. On-demand, special diameters can be made. The centre stem is threaded to receive a 2" BSP screw cap and measures 2" (50 mm in diameter).

How to use a Multi-Lock Peripheral Steel Test Plug? Select the correct size of the plug to suit the internal diameter of the pipe.

  • Grease and other foreign objects should be removed from the installation point.
  • Make sure the plug is placed flush against the pipe wall.
  • Progressively tighten peripheral nuts in the exact opposite direction.
  • They must be equally tightened. The clamp ring may get distorted if nuts are overtightened.
  • A tight sealing cap is a must. Make sure the second outlet, if the plug has one, is similarly well sealed.
  • A designed brace must support these plugs to be safe against the predicted backpressure. They cannot be used without one of these braces.

Therefore, we are a top-notch Multi Lock Peripheral Steel Test Plug supplier in tarragona.


Peripheral Steel Test Plug Manufacturer in tarragona

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